HUSK Incremental Project – updated version of the Operational Order
The Slovak Regulatory Office for Network Industries approved the updated version of the Operational Order of eustream, a.s. introducing the new shorthaul product between Velke Zlievce – Baumgarten. For more information consult article 5.7. and 7.4.2. of the Operational Order.

Additional transmission capacities to Ukraine (29 June 2020)
In reaction to the recently announced maintenance of UA TSO, with respect to UA Entry capacities from Budince Entry/Exit point and in line with our previous statements, Eustream decided to offer capacity at Exit point Veľké Kapušany. Capacity will be offered for the time period from 1st July 2020 to 1st October 2020, in the amount of 60 mcm/d. Please note that capacity at Exit point Veľké Kapušany is fully interruptible and dependent on the physical flow from Ukraine to Slovakia.

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