Company profile

EUSTREAM – The Gas Crossroads of Central Europe

As the operator of the natural gas transmission network in the Slovak Republic, EUSTREAM pursues the objective of ensuring safe, reliable and ecological transport of gas to European markets. This mission, which we have been fulfilling successfully since 1972, entails shared responsibility for energy supply to a substantial part of the European market. Accordingly, reliability and security are the essential principles on which our business is based.

EUSTREAM’s transport system provides an important energy link between the East and the West, and between the North and the South. The robust system of parallel lines is connected to the primary transmission routes in the Ukraine, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic and Poland.

Our services are used by major European energy companies. Access to the system and gas transport are provided to all partners in a transparent and non-discriminatory manner, in accordance with the European and Slovak gas legislation.

The gas business is closely related to environmental protection. EUSTREAM is continuously investing in state-of-the-art technologies that improve its operational efficiency and save the environment. Natural gas is a substantial contributor to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and to a cleaner air. The advanced gas infrastructure at the same time offers significant potential enabling the transition to a low-carbon economy. Therefore, we at EUSTREAM are responsibly taking steps to be prepared for future challenges and tasks in the transport of low-carbon and recoverable gases. We are a proud partner of the Oil and Gas Methane Partnership international initiative and the European Hydrogen Backbone vision.