Energy Transformation Projects

H2 Infrastructure (H2I) –Transmission

This is an extensive scientific and research project, whose objective is to identify in detail the necessary steps to ensure our system is 100% ready for the transmission of renewable and low-carbon gases, in a scope dependent on the development of other European initiatives. The project
is coordinated with similar initiatives in storage (NAFTA a.s.) and distribution of natural gas (SPP - distribúcia, a.s.) in the Slovak Republic. At the start of the calendar year, we succeeded at the national level with the project proposal and have submitted it for further procedure under Important Projects of Common European Interest (IPCEI).

European Hydrogen Backbone (EHB)

EUSTREAM is a part of the European Hydrogen Backbone (EHB) initiative aiming to facilitate future hydrogen transit flows within the EU. The EHB initiative proposes a vision of a hydrogen network of 39,700km connecting 21 European countries by 2040. Slovak part represents an important contribution to this initiative, enabling future import of hydrogen, potentially supplied from Ukraine, or other cross-border transit flows. EUSTREAM plans to dedicate one of its parralell pipelines to pure hydrogen transmission. The new Poland - Slovakia pipeline under construction is also a part of the planned European Hydrogen Backbone initiative.

Produktion of Green Hydrogen for Own Consumption

EUSTREAM plans to launch its own production of green hydrogen from renewable sources. We will use this green hydrogen as fuel to drive compressors, contributing to the decarbonisation of operations. We have prepared the first pilot project for the production of green hydrogen at the Veľké Kapušany compressor station with expected launch in 2023 and with potential for expansion.

Production of Hydrogen from Natural Gas with CO2 Capture and Storage

In addition to preparing for the transmission of green hydrogen, EUSTREAM is evaluating in detail the possibilities of production of hydrogen in large quantities from imported natural gas – using the steam methane reforming (SMR) method with CO2 capture and subsequent storage (CCS/CCUS).