EIC Codes

With effect from 9 December 2010, EUSTREAM has the status of a local issuing office of EIC codes for gas industry in the Slovak Republic.

The Energy Identification Coding (EIC) scheme for entities operating in the European energy market was developed by ETSO (a predecessor of ENTSO-E). The EIC database is maintained by ENTSO-E and a list of all assigned codes as well as further details of the coding system and EIC issuers are available on the websites of ENTSO-E.

To obtain EIC, please follows the steps below:

  • Complete the EIC Request form
  • Send the form with all entries completed (including the statutory body’s signature) by e-mail to eic@eustream.sk
  • Your request will be verified in the central ENTSO-E database
  • You will be notified of the assignment of EIC by e-mail