Construction of Poland – Slovakia Gas Interconnector completed

On 26 August this year, a ceremony was held in Strachocina, Poland, to mark the end of construction of a new gas connection between Poland and Slovakia. The planned start date for commercial operation of this interconnector is October 2022. Representatives of the Government of the Republic of Poland and the Government of the Slovak Republic were present at the ceremony in Strachocina.


CEE gas TSOs cooperate on the development of a regional hydrogen grid

In recognition of the green energy transition and the European Union’s emission reduction goals, four Central-European natural gas TSOs (Transgaz of Romania, GAZ-SYSTEM of Poland, EUSTREAM of Slovakia, and FGSZ of Hungary) agreed on a strategic partnership to explore the possibilities of decarbonising their operation, transporting green gases and investigating the potentials in CO2 transmission. The Memorandum of Understanding was signed in Budapest today.


EUSTREAM will temporarily convert all of the interruptible capacity at the exit point Budince into firm capacity

Under the auspices of the European Commission, EUSTREAM and the Gas TSO of Ukraine discussed the possibilities of converting the capacity from Slovakia to Ukraine from partially interruptible to fully firm.


EP Infrastructure, EUSTREAM, NAFTA and RWE sign memorandum of understanding on blue hydrogen development in Slovakia

EP Infrastructure (EPIF), Eustream, NAFTA and RWE Supply & Trading are looking to jointly explore the potential development of state-of-the art blue hydrogen production facilities in eastern Slovakia. To this end the companies have now signed a Memorandum of Understanding. RWE Supply & Trading could off-take and import the produced hydrogen to Germany and other RWE core markets in Western Europe. The hydrogen could then be transmitted through a repurposed Eustream gas pipeline to Germany. The carbon dioxide captured during hydrogen generation could be stored within depleted natural gas fields in Slovakia or neighbouring Central Eastern European countries, including Ukraine. The partners aim to help accelerate the ramp-up of the hydrogen economy and significantly contribute to the European decarbonisation ambitions.


Gas companies present the Central European Hydrogen Corridor

Four leading Central European gas infrastructure companies have joined forces to develop a hydrogen highway through Central Europe. The focus of the joint initiative called the Central European Hydrogen Corridor is on developing a hydrogen “highway” in Central Europe for the transport of hydrogen from promising future major hydrogen supply areas in Ukraine that offers excellent conditions for large-scale, green hydrogen production via Slovakia and the Czech Republic to large hydrogen demand areas in Germany and the EU. The hydrogen corridor will also enable transporting hydrogen between hydrogen production facilities and hydrogen consumers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.