Regulated Tariffs and Online Price Calculation

The tariffs and prices of ancillary services are subject to approval by the Regulatory Office for Network Industries (RONI) and apply to a given regulatory period. Where the period exceeds one year, the tariffs approved by the current Price Decision are annually escalated in accordance with that price decision.

For all entry and exit points of the transmission system, the price of transmission is composed of:

  • A fixed component in EUR per MWh of the booked daily capacity
  • A variable component (gas for operating purposes)
  • Neutrality charge
  • A supply security charge (applicable after the start of operation of the SK-PL Gas Interconnector for domestic-point transmission capacities)

For more details of the different entry and exit tariffs refer to the document available in the Download section.

To calculate estimated transmission tariffs, you can use our online price calculator.