Market survey in relation to capacity increase at Lanžhot

Terms and conditions of the Market Surveyhe network development planning procedure, eustream, a.s., having its registered office at Votrubova 11/A, 821 09 Bratislava, Slovak Republic, registered in the Commercial Register of the Bratislava I District Court, Section: Sa, file No. 3480/B, IN: 35 910 712 (hereinafter referred to as the “Eustream”), as the sole gas transmission system operator (TSO) in the Slovak Republic, is hereby initiating a process of a non-binding market survey in order to assess market demand for cross-border capacities of the transmission network (hereinafter referred to as the “Market Survey”).

The main aim of the Market Survey process is to assess the need of new transmission capacity between the Slovak Republic and adjacent market areas, to identify measures for transmission infrastructure development in order to, inter-alia, enhance energy supply security and reliability, not only in the Slovak Republic but for the whole CEE region. Should the assessment of the market demand show sufficient interest for new capacity, Eustream will analyze further steps and decide whether to start a new development project. Subsequently, Eustream will communicate such decision to the respective Market Survey participants.

The Market Survey is initiated as a reaction to the official results of similar surveys performed by the Gaspool market area TSOs ( and the Czech TSO (capacity4gas). Among other things, these surveys indicated a need for the extension of transmission capacity in the transmission network of Eustream.