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Eustream completed construction of Slovak section of Slovak-Hungarian gas pipeline

Eustream, operator of Slovak gas transmission system, completed construction of the Slovak section of the gas pipeline connection that links the gas systems of Slovakia and Hungary in strict accordance with the time schedule. Pipe on the Slovak side, the construction of which began in spring of the last year is already filled with gas at operating pressure.

Successful pressure tests showed that all welds and other technical works were made well, the pipeline is ready for use and after the final link to the Hungarian section the joint testing operation can begin. Start of testing operation of newly built interconnection is expected in coming months.

Pipeline interconnection of Slovakia and Hungary will connect the high-pressure transmission systems between Veľké Zlievce on the Slovak side and Hungarian municipality Vecsés in the suburbs of Budapest. Two-way pipeline with an annual capacity of 4.38 billion cubic meters will have a length of 110.7 kilometres (of which 92.1 km on the territory of Hungary and 18.6 kilometres on the Slovak territory).
Construction of gas pipeline interconnection is implemented in Slovakia in the cadastral area total of nine municipalities: Veľké Zlievce, Malé Zlievce, Olováry, Glabušovce, Zombor, Kiarov, Želovce, Záhorce and Slovenské Ďarmoty.

Strategic importance of the pipeline

Slovakia-Hungarian gas pipeline not only has the nature of new business opportunities but also strategic importance for the whole country. It will provide the Slovakia with access to the planned southern gas corridor or LNG terminal in Croatia. Hungary will get a new approach to the West European gas networks. The project, which is part of the planned European north-south corridor will contribute to European energy security and diversification of supply routes.
The interstate interconnection of transmission systems of the Slovak Republic and the Hungary is a priority not only for Eustream and its Hungarian partner, but also for the national governments and the European Commission. Financial support under the European Energy Programme for Recovery (EERP) is EUR 30 million. The total planned investment cost exceeds the amount of € 170 million (of which on the Slovak side about EUR 21 million).

Some interesting facts

  • number of pipes: 1,507 pcs
  • the total length of pipes supplied 19 335 m
  • total weight: 4 009 089 kg of steel
  • 5 road crossings and 1 railroad crossing
  • 14 crossings of watercourses including the river Ipeľ
  • 4 crossings of hydroamelioration facilities
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