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CEE gas TSOs cooperate on the development of a regional hydrogen grid

In recognition of the green energy transition and the European Union’s emission reduction goals, four Central-European natural gas TSOs (Transgaz of Romania, GAZ-SYSTEM of Poland, EUSTREAM of Slovakia, and FGSZ of Hungary) agreed on a strategic partnership to explore the possibilities of decarbonising their operation, transporting green gases and investigating the potentials in CO2 transmission. The Memorandum of Understanding was signed in Budapest today.

Based on the initiative of the Romanian natural gas TSO, Transgaz, the quadrilateral Hungarian, Slovak, Polish and Romanian cooperation aims at initiating joint work in a number of fields. Firstly, it foresees sharing best practices in the field of hydrogen and CO2 transportation, decarbonization of operation, and hydrogen production; secondly, identifying hydrogen markets and applications in various industries; and finally, drafting a relevant regulatory framework.

According to the plans, the collaboration of the transmission system operators will also result in the preparation a feasibility study.

To extend the scope of the cooperation, the initiative is open for other regional TSOs as well. The MoU greatly supports all initiatives that foster the development of the hydrogen value chain in the CEE region and bring attention to regional characteristics for a uniform evolution of the hydrogen grid in the European Union.

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