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New Chairman in Eustream

 On 1 July 2012 Jean-Luc Rupp will become the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Eustream. In line with the principle of regularly rotating chairmanship, he will replace Gunnar Löwensen in the highest post in the company for one year. In the Supervisory Board, current Vice-chairman Christian Janzen will be replaced by Thierry Kalfon.

The personnel changes were approved by the General Meeting held on 1 June 2012.

“I have been working in the gas industry for more than 30 years - in storage, LNG, distribution and also the gas transmission business. Eustream is currently facing some big challenges and I appreciate the opportunity I have now to contribute with my experience and knowledge toward finalising strategic projects and the modernization process”, said newly-elected Chairman of the Board of Directors of Eustream, Jean-Luc Rupp.

Eustream supports means of connecting to newly established transmission routes. The greatest progress recently has been seen in the last month, when Eustream and its Hungarian partner Magyar Gáz Tranzit signed the Joint Development Agreement. Both parties committed to bring the project of Slovak-Hungarian Gas Interconnector to a successful conclusion and agreed that new interconnector would start commercial operation on 1 January 2015.

“Besides the Slovak-Hungarian interconnector, we are also working constantly on other projects. For example, concerning the Polish-Slovak interconnection I believe that the ongoing feasibility study will confirm the strategic and economic benefit of interconnector for Slovakia as a part of the North-South Gas Corridor. We will also continue with reengineering of the entire gas transmission system and with implementation of the Third Energy Package”, said current Chairman of the Board of Directors, Gunnar Löwensen.

Both members of the Board of Directors concluded that despite the economic and financial crisis, even in this demanding time, Eustream still manages to produce stable economic results.

Board of Directors of Eustream as of 1 July 2012
Jean-Luc Rupp - Chairman of the Board of Directors
Branislav Bajza - Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors
Gunnar Löwensen - Member of the Board of Directors

Supervisory Board as of 1 July 2012
Andrej Senaj - Chairman
Thierry Kalfon - Vice-Chairman
Anton Kupšo - Member
Andrej Lendvay - Member
Viktor Mihalik - Member

Jean-Luc Rupp was born on 14 January 1957 in Thionville (France). After graduating as an engineer in Electricity and Mechanics at the Higher Education School in Nancy, he started work for Gaz de France (currently GDF Suez). From 1980 till 1995 he held several positions dealing with the engineering and operation of transmission, storage, LNG and distribution. Later he became the Project Director of the International Division of Gaz de France. He joined Eustream from NAFTA, a. s., where he has alternated in the posts of chairman and vice-chairman from 2009.
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