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Antoine Jourdain, the new Chairman at Eustream

Bratislava, 28 August 2008 – The general meeting of eustream a. s. (Eustream) at its August meeting approved the new Chairman of the company’s Board of Directors. The current Chairman of the supreme managing body at Eustream Christophe Poillion will be replaced by Antoine Jourdain as of September 1st, 2008.

Ing. Christophe Poillion was one of the “founders” of the new company SPP - preprava a. s., established in July 2006 and became at that time Chairman of its Board of Directors (chairmanship is rotating on an annual basis between French and German representatives on the Board of Directors). The establishment of SPP – preprava a. s. (from January 1, 2008 known under its new business name eustream a. s.) was a result of requirements under European and Slovak legislation. Under these rules, gas transmission had to be managed independently from gas trade activities.

Eustream ensures the safe and reliable transmission of natural gas to Slovak and European consumers. The company has over the past two years undergone dynamic development, starting with its founding through to the change of its name to eustream a. s. “We have been able to manage all these changes successfully, this has been in particular thanks to the professionalism of our employees and colleagues”, said Christophe Poillion prior to his departure as the current Chairman of the Eustream Board of Directors, and who will join GRTgaz, the French gas transmission system operator.

New challenges, such as strengthening Eustream’s customer portfolio, regulation in the energy sector, modernisation of the transmission system, as well as changes in the company’s organisational structure await the Eustream’s new Chairman. As of September 1st, 2008 the new Chairman Eustream of the Board of Directors will be Dipl. Ing. Antoine Jourdain, an expert and manager with extensive experience at gas companies.

The curriculum vitae of Eustream’s new Chairman and the current list of Members of the Board of Directors, Supervisory Board and Top Executive Management at Eustream is given in the annex.


Curriculum Vitae -Dipl. Ing. Antoine Jourdain, Chairman of the Board of Directors of eustream a. s.
Was born on 12 th February 1968 in Montreuil (France). In 1991 he graduated at Ecole Polytechnique high school and in 1992 in Ecole Nationale des Pétrole et Moteurs (French Petroleum Institute). In 1992 he joined Gaz de France and he started to work in United States in underground storage and Exploration-Production Division. Since 1997 has worked for EDF GDF Services for distribution of electricity and gas in center of France then in Britanny. In 2002 he became a Deputy Manager of the Stategic Department in charge of the new project. In 2004 he was a Deputy General Manager of the EDF-Gaz de France. In 2006 he was appointed a Deputy General Manager of gas companies EGAZ and DEGAZ in Hungary (subsidiaries of GDF). As of September 1st, 2008 he will be Chairman of the Board of Directors of eustream a. s.

List of current members of the Board of Directors of eustream a. s. effective as of September 1st, 2008:
  • Dipl. Ing. Antoine Jourdain Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • Ing. Miroslav Gažo Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • Ing. Andreas Rau Member of the Board of Directors
List of current members of the Supervisory Board of eustream, a. s. effective as of September 1st, 2008:
  • Ing. Jaroslav Krč - Šebera Chairman of the Supervisory Board
  • Louis de Fouchécour Vice-Chairman of the Supervisory Board
  • Andrej Lendvay
  • Ing. Rudolf Rigáň
  • Mgr. Martin Ryba
  • Mgr. Ivan Švec
List of current members of the Top Executive Management of eustreama. s. effective as of September 1st, 2008:
  • Ing. Pavol Janočko General Director
  • Ing. Miloš Pavlík Head of Sale of Transmission Capacities
  • Ing. Ján Janus Head of Gas Dispatching Centre
  • Ing. Vladimír Potočný Head of Technical Competence Centre
  • Ing. Rastislav Ňukovič Head of Central Maintenance
  • Ing. Ján Stuhl Head of Economic Services
  • Ing. Peter Olšanský Head of Area Veľké Kapušany
  • Ing. Štefan Keresteš Head of Area Jablonov nad Turňou
  • Ing. Jozef Titka Head of Area Veľké Zlievce
  • Ing. Anton Zelenaj Head of Area Ivanka pri Nitre

eustream a. s. (until December 12th, 2007 known by the business name SPP – preprava a. s.) started its operation on July 1st, 2006 by the legal unbundling of transmission activities as a 100% subsidiary of the company SPP a. s. Eustream is the largest carrier of natural gas in the EU. The transmission system comprises 2270 km of gas pipeline with four compressor stations (Veľké Kapušany, Jablonov nad Turňou, Veľké Zlievce and Ivanka pri Nitre). The daily operation of the transmission system controlled through the dispatching centre in Nitra.All News