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Tender on Feasibility study for PL-SK interconnection won by Gas Engineering Office GAZOPROJEKT S.A.

GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. and the Slovakian eustream, a.s. have signed the contract for Feasibility study on the conditions for implementing the gas pipeline interconnection between Slovakia and Poland. The winner of the tender has become GAZOPROJEKT S.A, which will cooperate with recognized consultant Ernst & Young and the Slovak company – GasTech s.r.o.

The analyses will specify the business requisites for the Polish-Slovak interconnector project and will provide information about the general, technical, economic and environmental conditions, as well as other constraints required for its fulfillment. The Study will comprise of two analyses. The first one will specify the business environment for the project. The second analysis will cover issues related to implementation of the project, e.g.: detailed technical description, economic assumptions, cost identification, economic analyses, evaluation of the project in the context the environmental protection and the potential time schedule of the Project implementation.

The Gas Interconnection Poland – Slovakia project will include the construction of a new cross-border gas pipeline, which will connect the natural gas transmission systems of Poland and Slovakia. The Interconnector, which is part of the planned North-South corridor will diversify gas routes, increase gas market liquidity, ensure the security of gas supplies at competitive prices and contribute significantly to the energy security of the whole European Union. The project has a particular value for the market by supporting the process of liberalization of gas markets, providing conditions for the seamless gas flows and strengthening the competitiveness of gas as an important resource for the economy.

The Companies expect to obtain co-financing for the project from the European Union within the Trans-European Energy Network (TEN-E) Programme.

More details:
The Parties to the project are GAZ-SYSTEM – the Operator of the Polish transmission system, and eustream, a.s. – the Operator of the Slovak transmission system. The Polish-Slovak gas interconnector is part of the North-South Gas Corridor concept, which is intended to connect the transmission systems of countries in Central and South Eastern Europe, constituting a key element in the process of establishing a single European gas market in the region of Central Europe and ensuring the security of gas supplies. The assumption is for the Corridor to connect the Polish LNG Terminal in Świnoujście (with possible source of supply from the Norwegian Continental Shelf – the Baltic Pipe) with the planned LNG Terminal on the Croatian island of Krk (Adria LNG) and with the potential South corridor via interconnectors between Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. Many international and domestic gas pipelines in all the countries in the region, both new and existing lines, will contribute to the construction of the Corridor.

The integration of the systems of Poland and Slovakia, as one of the elements of the North-South Gas Corridor, is intended to ensure that the required conditions for diversification and stability of gas supplies to both countries is achieved, as well as the development of a?competitive gas market in the entire region. The connection of the Polish and Slovak transmission systems may enable Polish entities to access supplies from the so-called Southern Corridor, which is intended to supply gas from the Caspian Sea region. The analyzed connection, apart from ensuring access to gas offered on the Polish market, including LNG, may in the future offer the Slovak market the possibility of receiving supplies of the commodity from the exploitation of unconventional deposits in Poland (e.g. shale gas). Based on the results of the study, the project participants will be able to make further decisions concerning future actions.
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