715/2009 požiadavky

V zmysle nariadenia Európskeho parlamentu a Rady (ES) č. 715/2009 o podmienkach prístupu do prepravných sietí pre zemný plyn, a kapitoly 3 prílohy I, sú prevádzkovatelie prepravných sietí povinní pravidelne na svojich internetových stránkach publikovať početné informácie v dohodnutom formáte. V nasledúcej tabuľke je uvedený prehľad vyžadovaných súborov požiadaviek s uvedeným odkazom, pod ktorým ich možno násť.

Annex I to Regulation (EC) 715/2009 Link Further Information
3.1.2 a)
A detailed and comprehensive description of the different services and their charges
Operational Order
3.1.2 b) u. c) 1.
Different transportation contracts and other significant documents
Operational Order
3.1.2 c)
Network code / standard conditions
Operational Order
3.1.2 c) 2.
Specification of relevant gas quality parameters
Operational Order
Technical Conditions
3.1.2 c) 3.
Pressure requirements
Operational Order
Technical Conditions
3.1.2 c) 4.
Procedure in the event of an interruption of interruptible capacity
Operational Order
3.1.2 d)
Harmonized procedures applied when using the transmission system, including the definition of key terms
Operational Order
3.1.2 e)
Provisions on capacity allocation, congestion management and anti-hoarding and reutilization procedures
Operational Order
3.1.2 f)
Rules applicable for capacity trade on the secondary market vis-à-vis the transmission system operator
Bulletin board system
Operational Order
3.1.2 g)
Rules on balancing and methodology for the calculation of imbalance charges
Business section
Operational Order
3.1.2 h)
Flexibility and tolerance levels included in transportation and with additional charges
not applicable
3.1.2 i)
Detailed description of the gas system of TSO and its relevant points of interconnection / names of the operators of the interconnected systems or facilities
Operational Order
3.1.2 j)
Rules applicable for connection to the system
Connection to the network 
Operational Order
3.1.2 k)
Information on emergency mechanisms
not applicable Emergency measures in Slovak Republic are the responsibility of the company SPP-Distribcia as defined in Edict of the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic No. 416/2012
3.1.2 l)
Procedures agreed at interconnection points (if relevant) relating to interoperability of the network, agreed procedures on nomination and matching procedures and other agreed procedures that set out provisions in relation to gas flow allocations and balancing
Interconnection agreements
3.1.2 m)
Description of the methodology and process used to calculate the technical capacity
Calculation methodology
3.3. (4), (5)
Capacities, nominations and renominations, actual physical flows, gross calorific values
(Re) Nomination
Actual physical flows
3.3. (1) f)
Planned and actual interruptions
3.3. (1) g)
Planned and unscheduled interruptions
3.4 (1) u. (2)
Information on secondary trading
Secondary market
3.4 (3)
Balancing services
Customer zone
3.4 (4)
Further flexibility service of TSO
not available
3.4 (5)
Amount of gas in the transmission system and the forecast
Aggregated imbalance
3.4 (6)
User-friendly instruments for calculating tariffs
Online calculator