Transmission system

The transmission system operated by Eustream has proved to be a reliable part of the European gas infrastructure, allowing gas transportation from producer countries to the European gas markets.
We operate a high-pressure gas transmission system that is interconnected with major European trunk lines in Ukraine, the Czech Republic and Austria (for more information related to the transmission system and available capacities please refer to map and network capacities.

The transmission system consists of four or five parallel pipelines mostly 1200/1400 mm in diameter with an operating pressure of 7.35 MPa. The pressure differential needed for a continuous gas flow is ensured by four large compressor stations with an aggregated power of almost 500 MW. The most important station is located at Veľké Kapušany at the Ukrainian-Slovak border. With a total power of nearly 300 MW it is the biggest compressor station in the EU, allowing an entry flow of 2,028 GWh, or 195 million cubic metres per day.

Our company continually strives to  modernise and upgrade the gas infrastructure. For that reason we have implemented several projects aimed at enhancing system operation and communication with our customers.

Access to the transmission system is entry-exit based. For entering and exiting the system customers can choose from the following entry/exit points:
  • Veľké Kapušany (entry/exit point to/from the gas transmission system in Ukraine),
  • Baumgarten (entry/exit point to/from the gas transmission system in Austria),
  • Lanžhot (entry/exit point to/from the gas transmission system in Czech Republic),
  • Budince (entry/exit point to/from the gas transmission system in Ukraine),
  • Veľké Zlievce (entry/exit point to/from the gas transmission system in Hungary),
  • Domestic point (entry/exit point to/from the distribution systems and storage storage facilities in Slovakia).
For more details please refer to the Business information section of our web site.