As of 9th of December 2010 Eustream was granted a status of a local issuing office of EIC codes (energy identification code) for gas industry for the Slovak Republic.
EIC identification system of the subjects operating on the european energy market was developed by ETSO (one of the predecessor associations of ENTSO-E). The database of EIC codes is now maintained by ENTSO-E and all the allocated codes as well as more detailed information on coding scheme and list of all local issuiing offices could be found on ENTSO-E website.

To apply for an EIC code at eustream, please follow the instruction below:
  1. Download EIC Code application request
  2. Fill out the request and send it (including a stamp and signature of company's representative) to:
Miroslav Hajach
eustream, a.s.
Votrubova 11/A
821 09, Bratislava
  1. In order to make the process more effective, please send the application form for EIC in electronic form by e-mail to eic@eustream.sk
  2. The application will be sent to the Central Database of ENTSO-E for verification and central filing
  3. Assignment of EIC will be promtly notified to the applicant by e-mail
List of issuing offices
List of EIC Codes for Parties (X Codes)
List of EIC Codes issued by Eustream
List of EIC Codes of the Eustream´s Grid