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SPP Group and Gazprom export CEOs met in Bratislava

Bratislava, December 3, 2008
Representatives of OOO Gazprom export, Slovenský plynárenský priemysel a.s. (SPP) and eustream, a.s. (Eustream), met today on the occasion of the recently signed long-term agreements on natural gas supplies and natural gas transmission, at the press-conference in Primate’s Palace in Bratislava, Slovakia. Under the new agreements, SPP will purchase about 130 billion cubic meters of natural gas by 2028, and Eustream will secure the transmission of roughly 1 trillion cubic meters of natural gas. Natural gas supplies and transmission´services according to the newly signed agreements will commence on January 1st, 2009.

According to the agreement, SPP and Gazprom export agreed on the conditions for stable gas supplies from Russia to Slovakia and Slovakia will also remain the largest transit partner in the EU for Gazprom export for the next 20 years. „We are happy to announce that the long - lasting negotiations between the SPP Group and Gazprom export have been successfully concluded. This is an important milestone for both sides and we are convinced that we have reached a fair commercial compromise,” stated Alexander Medvedev, General Director of Gazprom export. “The conclusion of a new transit agreement for the next twenty years will further increase the EU’s energy security and guarantee the stable supply of Russian gas to Europe.

The agreements were reached after more than two years of hard and intensive, but always professional and constructive, negotiations. Due to unbundling rules, negotiations were held individually - negotiations with Gazprom export on the gas supply agreement were conducted by SPP and talks on the transmission agreement were held by Eustream.
The gas supply agreement secures stability for SPP and ensures stable, reliable and at the same time competitive gas supplies to Slovakia also after 2008. „The new agreement gives us stability and secures reliable gas supplies to Slovak households and businesses. The fact that the agreement was concluded for such a long period of force proves the mutual trust that exists between SPP and our Russian supplier, Gazprom export, and so it provides the necessary stable basis for the energy security of the Slovak Republic,“ stated Bernd Wagner, Chairman of the Board of Directors of SPP.

We have more business partners, but we have only one customer like Gazprom Export with an agreement signed for the transit of more than 1 trillion cubic meters of natural gas. This is a huge success that will allow Eustream to remain a key player in securing gas supplies for the European Union for the next 20 years,“ stated Antoine Jourdain, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Eustream.

Press conference participants:
  • Slovenský plynárenský priemysel, a.s.
    • Bernd Wagner, Chairman of the Board of Directors of SPP, a.s.
    • Ján Dudášik, Member of the Board of Directors of SPP, a.s.
    • Jean-Jacques Ciazynski, Member of the Board of Directors of SPP, a.s.
  • eustream, a.s.
    • Antoine Jourdain, Chairman of the Board of Directors of eustream, a.s.
    • Andreas Rau, Member of the Board of Directors of eustream, a.s.
  • OOO Gazprom export:
    • Alexander Medvedev, Vice-Chairman of the Management Board of Gazprom, General Director of OOO Gazprom export
    • Sergey Chelpanov, Deputy General Director, Executive director for the gas industry of OOO Gazprom export
Moderator of the press conference: Dana Kršáková, Spokesperson of SPP, a.s.

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