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Eustream applied for EC grants to co-finance SK-PL interconnection and Eastring

Eustream submitted two separate applications for European Commission’s Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) grants to co-finance construction works of the SK-PL interconnection and the feasibility study for Eastring pipeline

Bratislava, Brussel, 8 November 2016 – Eustream, together with its Polish partner GAZ-SYSTEM S.A., applied today for EC grant to co-finance construction works of Poland-Slovakia interconnection, a new pipeline to connect markets and increase regional security of gas supply. Besides of that, Eustream (with support from its Hungarian, Romanian and Bulgarian partners) submitted the application to co-finance feasibility study for the Eastring pipeline connecting Western European hubs and South-eastern/Balkan region. Both projects are recognized by the EU as the Projects of Common Interest (PCI).

SK-PL interconnection is a part of the North-South natural gas interconnections in Central Eastern and South Eastern Europe (North-South East). The new 164 km pipeline will allow to increase level of security of supplies and diversification of the CEE region by creating a missing interconnection between Polish and Slovak gas transmission systems. Construction works are planned to be finalized in 2020. Realization of the project will enable direct connection to other projects in the NSI East Gas Corridor, such as the SK-HU Interconnection, LNG terminal in Świnoujście as well as the planned Eastring pipeline.

Eastring pipeline will serve as an interconnection between Western European liquid hubs and the Balkan region (an area with a potential to be a highly liquid region offering new natural gas sources from Caspian region/eastern Mediterranean/Middle East region). Project will enhance the security of supply for the Balkan region as well as for whole Europe by creating a new corridor for new natural gas sources, and will help to improve competition by enabling diversification of routes and sources. The feasibility study will define the technical details of the project including the possible routing options and will serve as basis for the final investment decision on the project. The application was submitted with support from TSOs from Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria (FGSZ Zrt., Transgaz S.A. and Bulgartransgaz EAD).

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