Evaluation of the Vojany-Uzhorod pipeline Open Season
Increased interruptible capacity of 4.5 million cubic meters per day (46,800 MWh) was booked by shippers until the end of 2019.
Interest of the shippers significantly exceeded the offered capacity. Entire booked capacity of the Vojany-Uzhorod pipeline has reached 11,5 bcm/year (31,5 mcm/day).
Increased interruptible capacity has been increased due to the technical measures taken on the Ukrainian side.
In order to participate in the Open Season procedure, interested parties could have registered until November 17, 2014. Binding requests for transmission capacity could have been submitted until November 19, 2014.

Eustream announces Open Season procedure SK-HU
Eustream announces Open Season procedure for the capacity at the Slovak-Hungarian Interconnector, in order to offer the capacity in a transparent and non-discriminatory way.

Please find Open Season Rules HERE 
Please find Registration Form HERE
Please find Binding Bid HERE
Please find Operational Order HERE

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