Eustream announces the Open Season procedure SK-UA
 Eustream announces the Open Season procedure
Eustream announces Open Season procedure for the increased interruptible capacity at Budince interconnection point, in order to transparently offer such capacity. Eustream provides additional pipeline capacity of 8.5 million cubic meters per day (88,400 MWh) in response to the technical measures taken at the Ukrainian side, which have resulted in increase of pipeline capacity.
In order to participate in the Open Season procedure, interested parties may register with Eustream starting January 22, 2015 until February 05, 2015. Binding requests for transmission capacity may be submitted until February 17, 2015.
The aforementioned capacity, offered within the Open Season procedure, shall be available to the successful participants from March 01, 2015.
Until March 01, 2015, the additional capacity of the same size shall also be available to all interested parties on Friday 23 January 2015 at 12:00, it shall be published on the web page of Eustream and made available for booking in line with standard conditions defined in the Operational Order of Eustream (please find specific Request for the period HERE). Request shall be sent to transmission@eustream.sk and the original to registered seat of eustream, a.s. attn: Mr. Marek Lendvorský.
 Please find Open Season Rules HERE
 Please find Registration Form HERE
 Please find Binding Bid form HERE

Eustream was informed by MGT about technical problems, which prevent the test operation of SK-HU gas pipeline

In recent days, Hungarian company Magyar Gáz Tranzit Zrt. (MGT) has repeatedly informed Eustream about the technical problems at Szada compressor station, which cause delay of the test operation of Slovak-Hungarian pipeline.

Technical problems of the pipeline together with delayed certification of MGT on the Hungarian side may cause delay of the commercial operation originally scheduled on January 1, 2015 and later postponed to early February, 2015.

Upon this information, Eustream intends to launch capacity sales by means of an Open Season procedure with a new start of commercial operation set at the beginning of February 2015, as soon as the technical problems on the Hungarian side are resolved.
Slovak part of the pipeline remains technically fully prepared to start commercial operation.

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