Test period for the SK-HU Interconnection - time limited offer of capacities
Eustream would like to inform about time limited test phase of the Slovak-Hungarian interconnection. In cooperation with Magyar Gáz Tranzit ZRt. and for the purpose of testing the partnets offer gas transmission capacities at the Slovak - Hungarian Interconnector Veľké Zlievce (SK) – Balassagyarmat (HU) from the 10th of March till the 30th of April 2015.

Eustream therefore offers the capacities on interruptible basis in the following direction and quantity:
- Exit point Veľké Zlievce (SK>HU direction): 50,000.00 MWh/d
- Entry point Veľké Zlievce (HU>SK direction) 50,000.00 MWh/d
These capacities will be allocated on the “first come - first served” basis.The amount of capacity of one customer is limited to 37.5% of the above capacity.

Applicants willing to book the capacity shall follow the conditions specified in the Operational order of Eustream (
http://www.eustream.sk/files/docs/eng/Operational_Order_EN.pdf), the tariffs shall be applied according to the valid Price Decision (http://www.eustream.sk/files/docs/eng/tariffs_2014_06_23.pdf)
Request for interruptible capacity for testing purposes:  http://www.eustream.sk/files/docs/eng/Request_for_transmission.pdf

For more information and assistance please contact:

Michal Briatka
Tel: +421 2 6250 7121

Peter Hlušek
tel. +421 2 6250 7156

Evaluation of the Vojany pipeline Open Season
Interest of the shippers again exceeded the offered capacity. Entire booked capacity of the Vojany-Uzhorod pipeline untill the end of 2016 has reached 14,6 bcm/year (40 mcm/day). 
In order to participate in the Open Season procedure, interested parties could have registered until February 05, 2015. Binding requests for transmission capacity could have been submitted until February 17, 2015.

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