Commercial operation of Slovakia-Hungary Interconnector is launched
Eustream launches commercial operation of Slovakia-Hungary pipeline. Issues on Hungarian side, which  prevented the launching of the pipeline were removed.
Slovakia-Hungary pipeline offers to the market transmission yearly firm transmission capacity of 4.5 billion cubic meters of gas in direction from Slovakia to Hungary. In the reverse mode, yearly interruptible capacity on the level of 1.8 billion cubic meters is available.
Mentioned bidirectional gas pipeline has 113 kilometres length (out of which 94 km are in Hungary and 19 km are in the Slovak territory). It connect the high-pressure system located at Veľké Zlievce with the Hungarian transmission network near the village of Vecsés in the suburbs of Budapest. 

Eustream’s reaction to the letter of the Prime Minister of Ukraine to EU authorities
Eustream recognizes the Ukrainian aim to achieve a fully standardized operation on its borders. The solution lies in multilateral negotiations among Ukraine, European Commission, Gazprom and Eustream in line with last year’s agreement in Veľké Kapušany.  
Eustream is ready to participate in such negotiations and support the Ukrainian party in a maximum possible way. At the same time Eustream must take into account its responsibility to ensure gas transmission to many countries of European Union.
In this respect, we must articulate that the Ukrainian complaints in connection to Eustream’s transmission contracts with the Russian supplier are irrelevant. The operation of the measurement station in Veľké Kapušany is not governed by the above mentioned contract but by separate agreements on technical conditions of transmission. These agreements do not form part of the transmission agreement. 
At the same time, we emphasize that Ukraine already has the physical reverse flow via the Vojany-Uzhorod pipeline (Budince) at its disposal. Despite the fact that the overall capacity of this pipeline is 40 mil. m3. per day, Ukraine only uses half of its capacity. The level of current transmission is at  20.9 mil. m3. per day.
Eustream’s utmost interest lies in finding a constructive solution. Also, in any of its actions, Eustream thoroughly follows the principles of European Law and its mission, which is the safe and reliable transmission of natural gas.

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