UPDATED: Temporary capacity limitations at interconnection points
Dear network users, please be aware that due to an unplanned maintenance works, the capacities at the following interconnection points will be temporarily limited:
  • Entry capacity at IP Velke Kapusany will be limited by 42 mcm/d to 153 mcm/d (the reduction applies only to the case of no physical flow in the exit point Lanžhot in the direction to the Czech Republic)
  • Exit capacity at IP Lanzhot (towards Czech Republic) will be limited by 15 mcm/d to 24 mcm/d. Reverse flow capacity towards Slovakia will be available only on interruptible basis. Transmitted quantities from the Czech Republic depends on physical flow from Slovakia to Czech Republic
  • Exit capacity at IP Baumgarten will be temporarily limited by 11 mcm/d to 140 mcm/d
  • Exit capacity at IP Domestic in direction toward Nafta storage injection will be temporarily limited by 16 mcm/d to 2 mcm/d
We expect maintenance works (block valve station maintenance works at one of our pipelines) will be completed till 17 April 2018. The scenario above represents maximum reductions, the actual transmitted quantities are dependent on the nominations and the counter-nominations for respective points of the eustream network.

Please find the updated schedule sheet of maintenance works at the following link:


Temporary capacity limitation at IP Baumgarten
Dear shippers, please be aware that due to an unplanned maintenance works, Eustream limits its technical capacity at Exit Point Baumgarten from 1 570 400 MWh/d to 1 471 600 MWh/d. Eustream expects that the limitation of technical capacity may take 3 days until 28 March 2018.

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