FGSZ Ltd. announcement on Hungarian-Slovak interconnector
Dear Partners,

please see the FGSZ Ltd. announcement regarding the purchase of the business of Magyar Gáz Tranzit Zrt.:

„Dear Partners,

Referring to the newsletter of FGSZ dated on 28 June 2019, please be informed that the Closing Date of the Business Line Transfer Agreement signed between FGSZ Ltd. and MGT Ltd. is 3 October 2019. From the gas day 4 October 2019, the 92km long Hungarian-Slovak interconnector gas pipeline and the connected equipment and facilities will be owned by FGSZ Ltd, and FGSZ Ltd. also takes over the operation of the Balassagyarmat (HU/SK) interconnection point.

Further information can be found on the RBP portal regarding the within-day capacity auctions at Balassagyarmat (21Z000000000358C) interconnection point for gas day 04/10/2019.

Should you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact FGSZ at kap@fgsz.hu
(or Eustream at com.dispatching@eustream.sk, Eustream note).

Best regards,

FGSZ Ltd.”

Maintenance Works Completion Announcement
Eustream has successfully finished part of its maintenance works affecting transmission capacities at the entry points Lanzhot and Velke Kapusany and the exit points Nafta storage and Baumgarten. From today there are no restrictions of the capacities at above mentioned points except for the entry point Velke Kapusany where maintenance works continue with restriction up to 140 mcm/d according the maintenance schedule.

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