Principles of equal treatment

Compliance Program

Eustream enables an access to the gas transmission system and provides gas transmission services on a transparent and non-discriminatory basis. In order to fulfill this requirement Eustream developed a compliance program with measures to ensure this non-discriminatory behavior among the integrated companies. The compliance program, developed in a form of internal directive, establishes specific obligations to employees aimed at exclusion of possible discriminatory behavior by vertically integrated companies.

The Compliance program ensures that activities of Eustream as a whole and of each employee and member of management are in compliance with the non-discrimination principle.

The Compliance program establishes inter alia:
  • Specific obligations of employees in order to meet the goal of non-discrimination,
  • Specific obligations ensuring non-discriminatory access to the network,
  • Measures for implementation of the compliance program,
  • Efficient monitoring and regular reporting.
Eustream each year publishes a report on fulfillment of measures adopted in the Compliance program. This report consist an integral part of the Annual Report of Eustream and it is made available to the public together with the Annual Report and also sent to the Regularly Office for Network Industries.