People are our greatest asset

We believe that we must have the right people - those with the right talents, skills, and knowledge, in the right roles - those required to meet our clients’ needs.
Eustream as a European corporation operating in the Slovak Republic provides new opportunities for employees, but also new challenges. Language and intercultural skills, often not seen as very important by nationally dominated corporations, are commonplace in our offices.

Our core business – gas transmission, is being increasingly influenced by the European Union. This situation requires a very good and deep understanding of EU policy and legislation. Our specialists are members of working and study groups and committees in European and international organisations. Through their participation we can play an active role in the gas industry in Europe, and in addition to the interchange of experiences and knowledge sharing, networking on an international level is of increasing importance for our company.

Ensuring safe and reliable gas transmission requires educated and skilled technical specialists. We are proud to have such a team operating and maintaining our transmission network. On the other hand, due to the rapidly changing business environment, Eustream is shifting its focus from a predominantly technical approach to a more commercial and customer oriented one.

Employment Policy

The management of human resources, shaping corporate culture, and defining and developing managerial responsibilities and the responsibilities of employees, all determine the values of our company:
  • Respect people
  • Respect resources
  • Initiative
  • Integrity
These values became the foundation for the development of a Code of Conduct, which is the key ethical standard of our company.

Development and education

We have education programmes for employees and management training tailored to individual needs. Employees with strong potential are being prepared for their future role as managers and experts. Furthermore, we have implemented the graduate programme designed for graduates from universities.

As of 31st December 2017 Eustream had 647 employees. Out of this number there are 108 women.