Our success is created by our people

Eustream is a challenging place to work. We offer the international background of a strong and stable company with a unique position on the European market.

We offer

  • a safe work environment - conditions that provide physical and emotional safety in the workplace
  • an inclusive environment - that treats everyone with respect and provides everyone with the opportunity to be their best
  • expectations and feedback - regular evaluation of performance and the provision of clear feedback
  • challenging work assignments - that effectively use an individual’s talents and encourages people to take challenging assignments that boost technical and professional development
  • talent management - attract, hire, and retain the best talent
  • open communication - active listening, sharing information with our people openly and constantly
  • training and development - access to a range of training opportunities, support and guidance for your career
  • employee benefits - attractive compensation and benefits package

What candidates we are looking for

Our goal is to establish a workplace that energises the people who fuel our company’s growth. We welcome engaged, committed and productive people who add value to our projects and teams.
We focus on hiring and keeping the best, and on continually improving the skills and capabilities of individuals and teams.

What we expect from our people

  • continuous improvement - developing and enhancing their skills and sharing their knowledge and skills with others
  • sharing of company values - professional and ethical behaviour and treating others with respect
  • teamwork - being a team player, sharing ideas
  • customer orientation
  • enhancing a safety culture - work safely and keep others safe
  • contribution to good results and profitability - performance, efficiency, high quality standards

Check the latest vacancies in Eustream and start up your career hard on the gas.
(Please note that for the time being we are only publishing job description in Slovak language.)