Eustream is a key player in European gas transmission

Our mission statement is embedded in a set of values among which safety, reliability and efficiency of operations are key priorities.

Since 1972, Eustream has secured the transmission of nearly 2.5 trillion cubic meters of natural gas across the territory of the Slovak Republic. The company therefore successfully continues in the tradition of the Slovak gas industry, which dates back over 160 years. 

Our work is international gas transit. In 2017, we actually transported  64.2 billion cubic meters of gas.

Thanks to the continual modernization and upgrade of infrastructure, Eustream contributes to ensuring safe and reliable gas supplies to Central and Western Europe whilst doing its utmost to reduce the environmental impact of its activities. In this respect, one of the main challenges we face is to cut carbon emissions produced at the four gas compressor stations we operate.

Eustream allows access to the gas transmission network and offers its customers a wide range of transmission services on a transparent and non-discriminatory basis. The access regime is in full compliance with existing legislation and gas industry standards. The business partners of Eustream include major energy companies from EU and non-EU member states.