Polish-Slovak gas interconnector

The Gas Interconnection Poland – Slovakia project will include the construction of a new cross-border gas pipeline, which will connect the natural gas transmission systems of Poland and Slovakia.

The integration of the systems of Poland and Slovakia, as one of the elements of the North-South Gas Corridor, is intended to ensure diversification and stability of gas supplies to both countries is achieved, as well as the development of a competitive gas market in the entire region. The connection of the Polish and Slovak transmission systems may enable Polish entities to access supplies from the so-called Southern Corridor, which is intended to supply gas from the Caspian Sea region. The analyzed connection, apart from ensuring access to gas offered on the Polish market, including LNG, may in the future offer for the Slovak market the possibility of receiving supplies of the commodity from the exploitation of unconventional gas in Poland.

30 June 2016

Eustream and Gaz-System prepares Open Season for PL-SK interconnection

21 January 2016

Environmental Impact Assessment

22 November 2013

Signing of the Agreement between the Government of the Slovak Republic and the Government of the Republic of Poland on cooperation in the project of natural gas pipeline linking the Polish and Slovak transmission network

3 April 2012

Tender on Feasibility study for PL-SK interconnection won by Gas Engineering Office GAZOPROJEKT S.A.

15 December 2011

Feasibility study for the Polish-Slovak gas interconnector