Company Eustream announces, that due to the persisting technical obstacles with implementation of the auctioning allocation mechanism via the web booking platform causing impossibility of the transmission capacity allocation at the Domestic point in accordance with the applicable regulations, temporarily enables allocation principle “first come first served”. Market participants can book the transmission capacity by submitting a written Form in accordance with the Article of the Operational Order, alternatively via the customer zone section on the company´s web page. more
Eustream announces the increased interruptible capacity at exit Budince interconnection point, in order to satisfy market demand for respective capacity. Eustream provides additional pipeline capacity of 12,000 MWh per day for the period of the fourth quarter 2016 (1.10.-31.12.2016). more
The Project Promoters of the Gas Interconnection Poland – Slovakia, the Polish and Slovak gas transmission system operators, Gas Transmission Operator GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. and Eustream have launched the Binding Open Season Procedure at the Entry/Exit Point Poland – Slovakia. more

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