Diversification of sources and routes of natural gas gained political support in Riga
Slovak gas transmission system operator Eustream, welcomes signature of Declaration supporting the need to diversify sources of natural gas supply and transit routes. The document was signed a few hours ago by the ministers of foreign affairs of Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia and declares the need to ensure stable and uninterrupted natural gas supply to Central and East European region.

Countries declared their support for the implementation of interconnection and substantial bi-directional capacity of existing infrastructure for natural gas supply on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and the Slovak Republic and for joint efforts to seek new sources and routes of diversification.
The cheapest and fastest way to achieve these aims is from Eustream´s point of view is the Eastring project. On behalf of Eustream presents its advantages to the partners since last year Mirek Topolánek, director of foreign development and relations with public institutions: "We propose a solution which will enable in a relatively short time connection of Western gas markets (hubs) with South East Europe and with new sources of gas. Balkan countries will thus receive alternative gas supplies, whereas Central and Western Europe will get access to the resources of Caspian region, as well as the Black or Mediterranean Sea area, or potential gas hub in Turkey. "
The importance of the Declaration, signed by ministers of the four countries underlines also the chairman of the board of directors of Eustream Tomáš Mareček: "Big international projects cannot progress without political support. The clear political support can bring much closer to reality the projects which otherwise look extremely demanding. It is in the interest of everybody that politicians cooperate with companies for the benefit of the people to ensure the energy security of the entire region. In Riga we have seen such cooperation."
Diversification of routes and sources gained not only the support of states, but is also priority of the European Commission, which plans to establish the Energy Union.

European Network of Transmission System Operators for Gas (ENTSOG) has included last week (on May, 13th) the Eastring project in its ten-year network development plan. The official inclusion of Eastring to the list of European projects by this most important European body in the field of gas transmission is another extremely important step on the way of implementation of the project.

Eustream proposes the gas market integration concept for the Central Europe region
Slovak gas transmission system operator (TSO ), Eustream, comes with a new concept for the increase of technical capacity for gas transmission and extension of the capacity of the existing gas transit route between the interconnection points Lanžhot (CZ/SK) and Baumgarten (SK/AT).
The increased capacity should help to enhance the market integration of Czech, Slovak and Austrian gas markets.

„Operating the gas pipeline Nord Stream for gas transit to Europe means that the north – south direction started to play important role in transmission systems of the Czech and Slovak gas transmission system operators. The system is in this north-south direction currently booked close to its maximal technical capacity,“ says the general director of Eustream, Rastislav Ňukovič.

The engineering studies performed by Eustream indicate clearly the possibility of increase of the technical capacity of this infrastructure from existing 67 mcm/day up to the 140 mcm/day. This can be among others achieved by the construction of the new compressor station till 2018.

Such newly created capacity should be used for the purpose of deeper gas market integration of these three neighbouring countries, leading among others to gas price convergence. „We propose the creation of virtual pipe in existing gas transit system across Slovak territory. This we have analysed as the best solution how to quickly and efficiently reach the goal of market integration. Furthermore it is significantly more financially and environmentally efficient solution compared to construction of any potential new pipeline,“  says Rastislav Ňukovič.

Realization of this proposed concept will improve the efficiency of the existing gas transmission infrastructure from Lanžhot to Baumgarten and will significantly enhance the gas market liquidity with minimal costs.

This concept proposed by Eustream is a reaction to conclusions of the latest Madrid forum of energy regulators as of April 2015, which calls for deeper integration of gas markets in Central Europe. If the proposal to increase the capacities between Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria will materialize then not only gas market integration via market coupling will be facilitated but also the security of supply in Central Europe will improve very much.  Eustream is prepared to actively support and promote this new concept and to provide to all concerned partners the maximum possible details about this concept.

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