Pilot Project of Bundled Transmission Capacity Reservation Auctions with company NET4GAS, s.r.o.
Eustream, a.s. and NET4GAS, s.r.o. offer firm bundled transmission capacity at Lanžhot border point. The pilot project will be executed using the GSA transmission capacity reservation platform (https://auctions.gaz-system.pl). Please find more information and respective rules HERE

For more information and assistance please contact:

Michal Briatka
Tel: +421 2 6250 7121
michal.briatka [at] eustream.sk

Peter Hlušek
tel. +421 2 6250 7156
peter.hlusek [at] eustream.sk

Commercial operation of Slovakia-Hungary Interconnector is launched
Eustream launches commercial operation of Slovakia-Hungary pipeline. Issues on Hungarian side, which  prevented the launching of the pipeline were removed.
Slovakia-Hungary pipeline offers to the market transmission yearly firm transmission capacity of 4.5 billion cubic meters of gas in direction from Slovakia to Hungary. In the reverse mode, yearly interruptible capacity on the level of 1.8 billion cubic meters is available.
Mentioned bidirectional gas pipeline has 113 kilometres length (out of which 94 km are in Hungary and 19 km are in the Slovak territory). It connect the high-pressure system located at Veľké Zlievce with the Hungarian transmission network near the village of Vecsés in the suburbs of Budapest. 

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