President of the Slovak republic Andrej Kiska visited compressor station in Veľké Kapušany
President of the Slovak Republic Andrej Kiska visited compressor station in Veľké Kapušany, Eastern Slovakia. President held discussions with Eustram’s general director Rastislav Ňukovič on several topics related to gas industry and natural gas transmission. At the end of the visit, president undertook a tour through compressor station facilities, including the new technologies allowing reverse gas flow towards Ukraine.

Gas Industry Day
On Saturday, 19 March 2016, the Slovak gas industry celebrates its 160th anniversary. 160 years ago, in March 1856, 209 gas lamps fuelled with the lighting gas from the municipal gasworks started to illuminate the city streets of Bratislava. This moment can be described as the beginning of gas industry in what is now Slovakia. Since those March days of 1856, Slovak gas industry has gone a long way and transformed into an important energy sector and a key industry. Eustream’s transmission system – one of the most important transmission routes for natural gas to Europe and the European Union, is an integral part of this successful story.

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