The Project Promoters of the Gas Interconnection Poland – Slovakia, the Polish and Slovak gas transmission system operators, Gas Transmission Operator GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. and Eustream have launched the Binding Open Season Procedure at the Entry/Exit Point Poland – Slovakia. more
Gazprom and Eustream have discussed the potential implications of Nord Stream II project on the gas flow through central corridor and central Europe. Eustream welcomes the assurance from Gazprom that Slovak gas transmission system as well as the Czech gas transmission system will be used in long term even if Nord Stream II is built. Eustream also highly appreciates the understanding between both parties that the entry point from Ukraine to Slovakia shall remain fully functional even if Nord Stream II is commissioned. more
Slovak transmission system operator Eustream and its Polish counterpart Gaz-System prepare binding Open Season Procedure for planned Poland – Slovakia gas interconnection. The aim of the Open Season with expected launch at late July/beginning August will be to allocate and sell respective transmission capacities of the planned pipeline. At the present time, the preparation of the Rules of Open Season are being finished, its final reading will be published in due time. more

Eustream - the gas crossroads of Central Europe

Our basic mission is to transport natural gas in Slovakia and through Slovakia to the European markets.

To this end, we operate a large-scale high-pressure gas transmission system in the territory of the Slovak Republic. This transmission system represents an important energy link between the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and the European Union.

In other words, we are the main entry gate and the biggest highway for Russian gas in the EU. The business name “Eustream” is intended to reflect this specific role we have.