During the March 2016 will be performed technological testing on the Hungarian part of the SK-HU pipeline. Therefore for the March monthly product at the Veľké Zlievce exit point (auction at the RBP platform) will be applied the commercial principles of yearly product, please see auction at https://rbp.eu/ more
22.12.2015  PF 2016
Eustream would like to thank all business partners and stakeholders for cooperation and trust during last year. For the upcoming year 2016 we would like to wish you a lot of happiness and success, both in personal and work life. We look forward to cooperating in 2016. more
Eustream, a.s. and NET4GAS, s.r.o. offer firm bundled transmission capacity at Lanžhot border point. more

Eustream - the gas highway for Europe

Our basic mission is to transport natural gas in Slovakia and through Slovakia to the European markets.

To this end, we operate a large-scale high-pressure gas transmission system in the territory of the Slovak Republic. This transmission system represents an important energy link between the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and the European Union.

In other words, we are the main entry gate and the biggest highway for Russian gas in the EU. The business name “Eustream” is intended to reflect this specific role we have.