Eustream announces that operation at interconnection point Baumgarten was fully restored and IP is available for gas transmission without limitation. more
12.12.2017  Urgent Market Message
Due to technical failure in Austrian gas transmission system the gas transmission at the interconnection point Baumgarten is temporarily limited to the actual capability of the Austrian system. The other interconnection points of Eustream are not affected and available for gas transmission without limitation. more
Slovak gas transmission system operator Eustream has signed the Feasibility Study Contract for Eastring – the Pan-European pipeline directly connecting Central and South Eastern European countries. The contract was awarded to Hungarian engineering and consultancy company Euroil. Following the signing of the contract in late August, the works on the Feasibility Study were initiated on Tuesday, 5 September 2017 in Bratislava. The first working meeting was held with representatives of Euroil as well as representatives of all Eastring project partners, i.e. Bulgarian TSO Bulgartransgaz EAD., Romanian Transgaz S.A., Hungarian FGSZ Zrt and Eustream more

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